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Young Architect: Loathing, Dissatisfaction and the Everyday (Seoul: Ahn Graphics)

Nov 2019

Bergen Art Book Fair—Final Stage (Bergen: Pamflett)

Nov 2019

Real Tools (Seoul: Culture station seoul 284)

Oct 2019

On the shelf (Seoul: UOS)

Aug 2019

TIC—TOCK (Seoul: Onsu Gong Gan)

Aug 2019

Bergen Art Book Fair—Early Stage (Bergen: Pamflett)

Jun 2019

Gloryhole Light Sales (Seoul: Nice shop)

May 2019

An Angel Whispers (Seoul: P21)

May 2019

Postcard for Postcard (Seoul: Self-initiated)

May 2019

Citizen Curator 2019 (Seoul: SeMA)

Mar 2019

Bookmark (Seoul: Self-initiated)

Feb 2019

Untitled Cat (Seoul: Archive Bomm)

Jan 2019

Citizen Curator 2018 (Seoul: SeMA)

Jan 2019

Image as a tool (Seoul: Self-initiated)

Nov 2018

SeMA bag (Seoul: SeMA)

Nov 2018

Numbers (Seoul: Self-initiated)

Aug 2018

Gaji #9 (Seoul: Hansol Paper)

Aug 2018

Form and Printing—Unguied Guide (Los Angeles: OTIS College of Art and Deisgn)

Jul 2018

A table beyond borders (Seoul: MMCA)

Jun 2018

Mimesis Take Out Series 14 (Seoul: Mimesis)

Sep 2018

W (Toronto: Colour Code Printing)

Mar 2018

Paper Island (Seoul: Paper Island)

Jun 2018

Coloring Practice—Tools (Amsterdam: fanfare.inc)

Mar 2018

Seoul Collector Rug (Seoul: Seoul Collector)

Jan 2018

2018 Calendar (Seoul: Self-initiated)

Nov 2017

2017 Community Art : Annyeonghasey (Seoul: SeMA)

Apr 2017

Magical Riso Workshop (Maastricht: Van Eyck)

Nov 2016

Riso Tour (Seoul: Corners Publishing)

Oct 2015

Hezin O is a graphic designer based in Seoul, South Korea. She has been running a graphic design studio OYE since 2014, working primarily in the cultural field on graphic design, illustration and publishing projects. In recent years her ongoing major interests lie in the practice of making form, which she has started while participating in an experimental workshop Magical Riso(Van Eyck, 2016, NL). She has involved in residency program such as Door to Asia(2016, JP) and Designer in Residence OTIS College of Art and Design(2018, US). She also participated in various exhibitions such as fanfare inc. Tools(2018, NL), Poster Show(Likely General, 2018, CA), 2018 SEOUL FOCUS: DESIGN FOR ACTION(SeMA, 2018, KR). Currently, she is studying MFA in visual graphic design at University of Seoul.
오혜진은 서울에서 활동하는 그래픽 디자이너이다. 2014년부터 그래픽 디자인 스튜디오 오와이이(OYE)를 운영하며 편집 디자인, 일러스트레이션, 출판 프로젝트 등을 진행해 오고 있다. 리소 스텐실 인쇄 기법을 활용한 실험 워크숍 ‹Magical Riso›(Van Eyck, 2016, NL)에 참가한 바가 있으며, 이를 계기로 형태 만들기에 대한 훈련을 시작하게 되었다. 일본(Door to Asia, 2016)과 미국(Designer in Residence OTIS College of Art and Design, 2018)에서 레지던시 프로그램에 참가하였고, ‹fanfare inc. Tools›(2018, NL), ‹Poster Show›(Likely General, 2018, CA), ‹2018 서울 포커스: 행동을 위한 디자인›(북서울시립미술관, 2018, KR) 등 여러 전시에 참여했다. 최근에는 서울시립대학교에서 시각디자인 석사 과정 중이다.

(c) 2015—2019

b.1986, Seoul, KR

  • 2018—Present, Studying MFA, Graphic Design, University of Seoul, KR
  • 2005—2010, BFA, Visual Communication Design, Hongik University, Seoul, KR

  • 2018 Form and Printing—Unguided Guide, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, US
  • 2016 Magical Riso, Charles Nypels Lab, Van Eyck, NL

  • 2020 TTHQ Residency, Rotterdam, NL (Upcoming)
  • 2018 Designer in Residence Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, US
  • 2016 Door to Asia, Rikuzentakata, JP

Selected Exhibition
  • 2019 Typojanchi 2019: 6th International Typography Biennale, Culture station seoul 284, Seoul, KR
  • 2019 Spring Show, Red Brick Gallery, Seoul, KR
  • 2019 Ink Village, Archive Bomm, Seoul, KR
  • 2018 FISK & Friends 2018, FISK gallery, Portland, US
  • 2018 Open Recent Graphic Design 2018, Gonggan41, Seoul, KR
  • 2018 2018 Seoul Focus, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KR
  • 2018 Poster Show, Likely General, Toronto, CA
  • 2018 Gold, Retriever, Lotte Gallery, Anyang, KR
  • 2017 W show, SeMA storage, Seoul, KR
  • 2017 Paper Polyglot, Team Thursday HQ, Rotterdam, NL
  • 2017 Typojanchi, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, KR
  • 2017 Electric Muse, UJEONGGUK, Seoul, KR
  • 2017 Hangeul Design: Prototypes and Future of the Korean Alphabet, National Hangeul Museum, Seoul, KR
  • 2017 Region x Design, Design hub, Tokyo, JP
  • 2016 Heavy Weight, Glasgow, UK
  • 2016 Seoul Babel, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KR
  • 2015 XS: Young studio collection, UJEONGGUK, Seoul, KR
  • 2015 Art Currency Project, 800/40, Seoul, KR
  • 2014 SYSTEM 14, Chaoyang, CN
  • 2014 Walk in The Document, D project space, Seoul, KR
  • 2013 Here is zine, Tokyo, JP
  • 2012 IDP 10 (International Drawing Project), UK

Selected Featured Media

Selected Talk
  • 2019 Bergen Art Book Fair, Bergen, NO
  • 2019 Shanghai Art Book Fair, Shanghai, CN
  • 2019 Ink Village Talk, Corners Office, Seoul, KR
  • 2018 PaTI, Seoul, KR
  • 2017 Sookmyeong Women's University, Seoul, KR
  • 2016 Van Eyck, Maastricht, NL
  • 2016 Hongik University, Seoul, KR
  • 2015 Survival Guide, UJEONGGUK, Seoul, KR
  • 2011 Seongshin Women's University, Seoul, KR