Coloring Practice - Tool


Visual & Essay

Visual & Essay for Coloring Practice - Tool. Contributed for «fanfare inc.», nomadic design labour organized by fanfare. 

You have probably experienced using a coloring book when you were a child. At that time, I just colored the white spaces, but I recently realized that there are several ways to fill the area not only with color, but also in any shape, pattern, dot or line. So for the last two years I have started working on a ‘coloring practice’ to research various ways of expression. (Here, the meaning of ‘coloring’ will symbolically mean the act of filling the space.)

The interesting thing about this practice is that it makes it possible to try out different options, methods, choices, and behaviors that have not been used before, because you have to produce as many different results as possible. Sometimes it’s possible to imitate an expression that you have seen somewhere else if you have not tried before. It’s also a good way to develop your own perspective by adding something during the process of imitation. This practice will lead to unexpected results and accidents, making it possible to select options that have not been worked out in the familiar and well-known processes. I think it’s a powerful tool for the designer to use this training to apply various approaches to try things that have not been done before, and to look from different angles at what they already do.