Hezin O


* 5 Oct—7 Nov 2019
Typojanchi, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, KR
* 14 Nov—17 Nov 2019
Bergen Art Book Fair, Bergen Kunsthall, Litteraturhuset, Bergen, NO

Hezin O is a graphic designer based in Seoul, South Korea. She has been running a graphic design studio OYE since 2014, working primarily in the cultural field on graphic design, illustration and publishing projects. In recent years her ongoing major interests lie in the practice of making form, which she has started while participating in an experimental workshop Magical Riso(Van Eyck, 2016, NL). She has involved in residency program such as Door to Asia(2016, JP) and Designer in Residence OTIS College of Art and Design(2018, US). She also participated in various exhibitions such as fanfare inc. Tools(2018, NL), Poster Show(Likely General, 2018, CA), 2018 SEOUL FOCUS: DESIGN FOR ACTION(SeMA, 2018, KR). Recently, she is studying MFA in visual graphic design at University of Seoul.

    Selected Project List
  • Bergen Art Book Fair (2019, NO)
  • Nice catch 02. Gloryhole Light Sales (2019, KR)
  • An Angel Whispers (2019, KR)
  • Postcard for Postcard (2019, KR)
  • Bookmark (2019, KR)
  • Citizen Curator (2018—2019, KR)
  • Image as a Tool (2018, KR)
  • Numbers (2018, KR)
  • SeMA bag (2018, KR)
  • Gaji #9 (2018, KR)
  • Form and Printing—Unguieded Guide (2018, US)
  • A table beyond borders (2018, KR)
  • Mimesis Take Out Series 14 (2018, KR)
  • Stacking Shadow (2018, KR)
  • W (2018, CA)
  • Paper Island (2016—2018, KR)
  • Coloring Practice—Tools (2018, NL)
  • Seoul Collector Rug (2018, KR)
  • 2018 Calendar (2017, KR)
  • Magical Riso Workshop—Coloring Practice (2016, NL)
  • Door to Asia (2016, JP)
  • Riso Tour (2015, KR)

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Image as a tool



Self generated publication for Image as a tool. Riso printed by Corners. Offset printed by Top Process. 200 × 285 mm, 60 pages. (Contributors: Jonathan Castro, Myung Sang Yu, Nejc Prah, Rudy Guedj, Shun Sasaki, Tadashi Ueda) $$$ Buy $$$

This publication started with a curiosity in the sensibility one's of approach to graphic design via the creation of an image in the form of an illustration, drawing, object, and so on. It is interesting to observe that when someone fundamentally defines oneself as a graphic designer and produces necessary images for an output, such images sometimes go beyond their primary function of being the composition of a page, and become the tool, method, and identity of the graphic designer.
(...) I chose the format of an interview as a way to look into these various approaches. This way, there exist the interviewee (the creator of the image) and the interviewer (the viewer of the image) for each interview that readers can appreciate the image (together) as an audience. The images of workflow requested along with the interview are also included at the middle of this book. The workflow images could be a software capture file, a picture of the tool used to create a shape, or a screen capture of folders containing image tools. Any images not exposed to their final output were accepted. There was no limitation upon the interview and image requests so that my focus was to maximize the responses the interviewers sent. Indeed, what are these images for and where are they going?