Upcoming Group Show: Unparasite, Platform-L, May 4 - Aug 29, 2021, Seoul, KR 

Article: Focus, Our Power!, Art in Culture 2021.04, KR 

0.1평 문서 (Ongoing)
Essay, Self-initiated, Offset print, 330 × 330 mm, 10 pages, 2021


Artwork for NOOR Editions, 180 × 40 inch, Riso printed by Fisk, 2021

Painting as Performativity
Catalog, Commissioned by Eun soon Yoo, 297 × 420 mm, Offset print, 2021


Rabelais Package System
Bookmark, namecard, wrapping paper, Commissioned by Rabelais Books and Theatre, Various Size, 2021


Born, A Woman: Document
Book, Commissioned by Suwon Museum of Art, 220 × 275 mm, Offset print, 2020


Born, A Woman
Poster, Invitation, Leaflet, Banner..., Commissioned by Suwon Museum of Art, Various size, Offset print, 2020


Typojanchi SaiSai Workshop
2-day workshop, organized by Typojanchi, 2020

이 워크숍은 진행자가 참가자에게 일정한 조건(지침)을 부여하고, 이를 참가자가 자율적으로 적용하며 새로운 도구를 만들고 활용하는 워크숍이다. 참가자는 사전에 준비된 재료를 활용해 점, 선, 면을 그릴수 있는 드로잉 도구를 만들기 위한 시간을 갖는다. 이후 주어진 조건에 맞춰 자신만의 도구를 활용해 모종의 형태를 몇 차례 그려본다. Video Link


Gaji #13 종이 산책
Editorial design, 2020, Commissioned by Hansol paper / Organized by Corners, 205 × 310 mm, 40 pages, 2020, Artworks by Corners, Huh Hyun Jung, Jung Da Hye, Son A Yong

Paper Mix by DJ yesyes
Cassette Tape, Organized by Corners, Commissioned by Hansol Paper, Riso print, 2020

Because I can’t start with just a blank page, Can I?
Exhibition, Self-initiated, Redbrick Gallery, 2020


Note: A4 drawing, 2019, KR

MA Thesis Project — A4 Drawing
Artwork, Self-initiated, 210 × 297 mm (×124), Color Pencil on the paper, 2019

Young Architect: Loathing, Dissatisfaction and the Everyday 
Book, Commissioned by Korea Architect Institute, Offset print, 180 × 255 mm, 280 pages, 2019


Citizen Curator 2019 document
Book, Commissioned by Seoul Museum of Art, 140 × 220 mm, 256 pages, Offset print, 2019


Citizen Curator 2018: Document
Book, Commissioned by Seoul Museum of Art, Offset print, 180 × 250 mm
160 pages, Design Assistance: Suzin Kwon, 2018

Image as a Tool
Book, Publication, 200 × 285 mm, 60 pages, Riso Print, Offset Print, Contributors: Jonathan Castro, Myung Sang Yu, Nejc Prah, Rudy Guedj, Shun Sasaki, Tadashi Ueda / English, Korean

Mimesis Take Out Series 14: 끓인 콩의 도시들 
Illustration, Commissioned by Mimesis, 115 × 168 mm, Offset print, 2018 (Book design by Mimesis Design team)

O'pen Drama Collection
Book, Commissioned by O’pen, Offset print, 150 × 220 mm, 512, 596 pages, Design Assistance: Suzin Kwon, 2018

2017 Community Art : Annyeonghaseyo
Book, Commissioned by Seoul Museum of Art, Offset printed by Top press, 170 × 240 mm, 152 pages, 2017

Business card, Commissioned by IWMW, Riso print, 90 × 50 mm, 2017

2018 Calendar
Calendar, Self-initiated, Riso print, 120 × 190 mm, 2017

Riso Club Postcard
Artwork for Risotto studio’s Riso club,, Riso print, 148 × 210 mm 2017 (Envelope, Card design by Risotto studio)

The Rooster
Artwork, Self-iniciated. Riso printed by Corners. 230 × 170 mm, 2016

Gong Gong Villa
Logo, business card, signage, menu, etc., Commissioned by Gong Gong Villa. (Photo by Namq Kang), 2016

Artist Proof
Logo, business card, signage, etc., Commissioned by Artist Proof, Photo by Texture on Texture, 2016

Coloring Practice
Illustration for Coloring Practice. Contributed for Magical Riso. Riso printed by Meli Melo Press, 200 × 200 mm, 2016

Riso Tour
Book, 2015, Published by Corners, Riso print, 110 × 175 mm, 40 pages